At The Walls Of Galbrieth

A reluctant hero, an ancient magic, and the power of friendship. The races of Odessiya await.

Wycaan Master 1 Just Front Cover

WINNER – 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards, Young Adult Category

Title: At The Walls Of Galbrieth: Wycaan Master, Book 1.

Publication Date: November, 2012

Publisher: Tourmaline Books                                                               

ISBN: 978-0-9884428-0-1 Paperback (LINK)

ASIN: B00AESMQ78 Kindle Ebook (LINK)

At The Walls Of Galbrieth:

When the Emperor’s army attacks his village to punish traitors and conscript youth, Seanchai flees to the mountains, seeking safe harbor with an uncle he has never met. He is shocked as many people sacrifice their lives to ensure he reaches a Wycaan Master, an enigmatic woman named Mhari, who can teach him to wield a powerful death-and-life magic that might just free the races of Odessiya.

As Seanchai’s perilous journey unfolds, he develops close friendships with a small band of loyal protectors, especially his tough guide Ilana. Their relationship blossoms into a tentative first love that is intensified by the dangerous world around them.

From these new friends, Seanchai hears tales of the Wycaan Masters, an order that guided the races through ten thousand years of peace and he discovers that the key to his power lies in these very stories. Seanchai abhors his ability to kill and, in the friendships he forges, discovers something potentially more powerful than his magic.

General Tarlach, the most feared and brilliant of the Emperor’s officers, must kill Seanchai. His soldiers capture Seanchai’s friends, and Tarlach is shocked to discover that he must execute the Emperor’s nephew, a boy who the general swore to protect.

In a world defined by strict racial boundaries, where humans rule, dwarves hide deep underground, and elves are a slave nation, Seanchai must find a way to forge friendships and trust, unheard of since the fall of the Wycaan Masters, and unite the races into an alliance.

If he is to save his companions and the one he loves, Seanchai must embrace his terrible power and wield its full force in battle. As love and death threaten to destroy everything around him, Seanchai must allow Mhari, the Wycaan Master, to fulfill her own destiny and ultimate sacrifice.


9 comments on “At The Walls Of Galbrieth

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  2. Elebt says:

    Fascinating plot! This kind of story makes my imagination fly. Of course, to appreciate it at most, I have to improve my English (which is not my native language) and reading fascinating stories is surely a good way to do it. 😉 Thank you also for following me on Twitter. I wish you all the best.

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