Sacrificial Flame – Wycaan Master Book 4

History is not kind to the defeated but neither should it ever underestimate them.

Worst yet, they should never be forgotten. They wait for their moment and the opportunity for revenge.

That time is now…

Sacrificial Flame Cover Hi Res

Title: Sacrificial Flame: Wycaan Master, Book 4.

Publication Date: July, 2014

Publisher: Tourmaline Books                                                               

ISBN: 978-0-9884428-1-8 Paperback

ASIN: B00M3PTNWG        – Ebook



            He never went after the wounded and defeated Emperor. He let his enemy flee and focused instead on creating a free Odessiya and building his dream Wycaan Academy. He settled down and with a family and community, but never refused to go where his prince and people needed him.

            But he failed to go where he should have. Now the Emperor is back, and even more dangerous than before. He has powerful allies from a shadowy past that Seanchai is oblivious to. The Emperor’s minions threaten from the north and the south: Odessiya has never been so vulnerable.

            Worse yet, the Emperor has identified how to hurt the Wycaan Master, and he will not hesitate to implement his plan. The stakes are rising, for there is only one thing more terrifying than the Emperor’s treacherous schemes: A powerful Wycaan father who loses all self-control.

            Mharina is no Wycaan like her father or siblings. But she possesses her mother’s warrior spirit and a dormant power waiting to be released. She needs a teacher who can recognize and understand the dormant magic and help her fulfill her true potential. But Mharina must pay a terrible price for the tuition and sacrifice all she holds so dear.


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  2. […] Sacrificial Flame – Wycaan Master Book 4 […]

  3. […] Sacrificial Flame – Wycaan Master Book 4 […]

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