From Ashes They Rose – Wycaan Master Book 5

Deep wounds fester in the collective psyche of a once proud nation now destroyed and humiliated.

All that remains is a driving desire for revenge. It should never have happened.

Retribution will know no mercy.

Book 5 Cover FINAL

ISBN: 978-0-9884428-2-5

Library of Congress Control Number: 2015908774

Publication Date: September 2015

Publisher: Tourmaline Books

          He is scorned as the not-King. He faces an enemy more powerful than any force he can muster. Prince Shayth Shindell has lost his closest friends and might lose his kingdom. He needs help. He needs allies. He needs to stand up and lead. But the rage festers and while he must evoke trust in others, he must first learn to trust himself.

          Mharina must follow the woman she loves and hates if she is to discover her true potential. She will turn her back on her family, her home, her teachers, to seek out who she is. But she will not be as alone as she thinks…and friendship is as powerful as the magic that stirs within her.

          He was there at the beginning, killed his best friend, allowed his greatest enemy to walk away. He spiraled into a world of violence and bottomless tankards. But a chance meeting in a rough tavern offers a chance to regain his humanity and right the wrongs of a tragic past by helping save the present and create a better future.

          The vision of Odessiya has unraveled. Strands of hope traverse the land and beyond borders. The young must grasp the mantle and lead. Powerful enemies bent upon revenge must be faced and the dream of a young Wycaan cannot be allowed to crumble.

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