4 comments on “Dealing with Writer’s Block

  1. lisafender says:

    i have never really dealt with writers block. I did, however, have a hard time getting back into writing when my revisions were finished and I was working on the next book. I just started writing and it all came back to me after a few tries. Once I started again, that was all it took. By the way, I am now reading your second book, The First Degree and I enjoy the story immensely! Just thought you should know. I did write you a small review for the first one too. I am hoping once my book comes out, you give it a read. I really do think you’ll like it! It will be out in about a month. I’ll let you know coz I would value your opinion of it! That is, if your interested. It is a fantasy fiction.

  2. kman756 says:

    A lot of my methods of dealing with writer’s block are risky because they involve doing things that can distract me for hours on end. What I like to do is I play sci-fi/fantasy video games brimming with imagination and well-crafted lore (ie Skyrim, Dragon Age, Mass Effect) for a little while.My mind is wary and observant of the creativity and fantasticism (it’s a word now) in those, and sort of plays off it. If I don’t become too engrossed with the game and blow the whole afternoon on it, I usually come up with a few goods ideas. Like I said, though, that’s kind of risky, so I usually just listen to music or doodle for a little while instead.

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