Meet Terry Brooks

There is still something magical for avid readers to learn about the authors of their favorite books. Even in the age of Internet and ebooks, there is something that draws us to author signings and the opportunity to meet them in person. We stand in line, hugging our copies of their books and wait patiently (sometimes longer than at a polling station) for a minute of his/her attention and their name scribbled in the book.

I have read at least 10 books in Terry Brook’s Shanara series. I have also read and treasure his book on writing: Sometimes The Magic Works. The part I love most from this incredibly useful book, by the way, is the autobiographical part.

The following interview is about 30 minutes long, divided into three parts. Terry touches on his life, his writing and the craft. There is something here for everyone because this is a not only a wonderfully talented author, but a modest, down-to-earth man.

My best part (not a serious spoiler) is how he talks about his fans: with love, respect and appreciation. Do you understand why I am so keen on this guy?

Terry Brooks Talks with Peter Orullian -Part 1 of 3

Terry Brooks Talks with Peter Orullian – Part 2 of 3

Terry Brooks Talks with Peter Orullian – Part 3 of 3


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