Book Review – Mrythdom: Game of Time – Jasper T. Scott

All The Right Ingredients

There are certain elements that ensure a smooth and entertaining read in the fantasy genre: innovative characters, a plot that moves along, plenty of twists and turns. Jasper Scott manages it all in effortless fashion in Mrythdom: Game of Time.


I have started a number of fantasy books recently and not been able to finish them. Scott’s characters stayed with me between readings – wondering how they were doing. His world-building is excellent. I didn’t think I would stay with a book that fuses SF and F, but Scott skillfully made it work.

His Meria society offers sexual tension that was enjoyable and tasteful. I had spent the best part of the 1st half wondering whether this might be another series to share with my teen son. The erotic tension was just right for it to be edgy without precluding a YA audience.

imgres-2Scott has set this up as a series. I look forward to the sequel and how Aurelius is going to succeed – if he is going to, that is. Either way, I’m enjoying traveling on the journey with him.


Alon Shalev is the author of At The Walls of Galbrieth, Wycaan Master Book 1 and The First Decree, both released by Tourmaline Books. Shalev is also the author of three social justice-themed novels including Unwanted Heroes. He is convinced there is a connection. More on Alon Shalev at and on Twitter (@elfwriter).

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