Craving Recognition

I admit it. I crave hearing that someone has read my books, even more so when they really enjoyed them. I love seeing reviews posted, however critical, because someone cared enough to take the trouble to write something. The first (and only) time I saw someone reading the book on the train, I suspect my feet actually left the ground.


Nothing, of course, compares to when my sons held their first copies, or when I hear them talking to people with pride about their contribution to the story. A few weeks ago, we sat with dear friends around a campfire, and everyone was invited to share an achievement from the past year. My 10-year-old spoke at length about his pride on our teamwork writing the fantasy series.

At The Walls Of Galbrieth reached the Quarter Finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2012, and I remember a powerful feeling of simple validation. Experts in the genre had deemed my books to be credible members of the epic fantasy world. A big confidence booster.

 Image Car Magnet

But this week topped it all. The Eric Hoffer Book Awards committee announced their Grand Prize Awards Finalists, and At The Walls Of Galbrieth is right up there. I am very proud of the achievement.

I know that, ultimately, I write for my sons and myself. I acknowledge that this is a family project that will be treasured, I hope, long after they leave home, and I dream that one day they may tell their own children of their part in the story as they show them the books.

DSCN0193As I near the end of writing Book 4 and book a campsite for the summer vacation, I can’t wait for the opportunity to read a new story to them, snuggled in our tent or round the campfire.

We are three days away from the Eric Hoffer Awards being declared and two months from our family vacation. They both feel a lifetime away. I guess I still need that recognition and validation.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Is there?


Alon Shalev writes social justice-themed novels and YA epic fantasy. He swears there is a connection. His latest books include: Unwanted Heroes and At The Walls Of Galbrieth. Alon tweets at @alonshalevsf and @elfwriter. For more about the author, check out his website.

6 comments on “Craving Recognition

  1. lisafender says:

    Trying to be patient waiting for your next book in the Walls of Galbrieth! Any news? I actually loved it! Looking forward to the next! My first book should be launched next week, I’m looking forward to some recognition someday myself!

  2. Ali Isaac says:

    Congratulations! Your star is rising. Good luck with the Eric Hoffer Awards and yes, I know how that craving to be read and thereby validated feels, too.

  3. Elf Writer says:

    Thank you, Lisa. Book 3 is with the editor and the cover artist is working on the cover. Hopefully late summer / early fall. To be honest – I can’t wait either!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Reblogged this on Left Coast Voices and commented:
    Wanted to share this post written on prior to the results of the 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards. Have a great weekend.

  5. dkorthbooks says:

    Congrats! That sounds like an amazing project! I also write for my sons…I completed my first book for my youngest son as a Christmas gift. The characters are inspired by a couple of my boys. They are bugging me for more, so I want to make it a family affair as well! Thank you for the inspiration! 😀

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